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Once upon a time, there was tired, tired mommy. She had a little baby who cried and cried all night long, so she couldn’t get any sleep. Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, her little baby stopped crying and went to sleep. Just as the tired, tired mommy was getting to sleep herself, her two older children woke up, bright and cheerful.

“Good morning Mommy!” they shouted as they bounced on her bed, “We’re awake!”
They had happy faces as they played together around their sleepy, sleepy mommy. Pretty soon the little baby heard what was going on, and he too said, “Good morning Mommy!” except it sounded like, “Da da, da-buh, mmm, ya ya, bah!”

The tired, tired mommy was not as happy as her children. In fact, she wasn’t happy at all! She wanted more than anything to go back to sleep. She tried, but of course she couldn’t with three little children giggling and wiggling all over her bed. The tired, tired mommy was about to become a grumpy, cranky mommy when something tickled the back of her mind.

It was the Holy Ghost whispering, “Be grateful! Think positive!”

So the frustrated, sleep-deprived mommy thought. She thought and thought, and tried to come up with something to be grateful for. She reviewed the situation:
Four people in bed.
Three very happy, energetic, cheerful children loving each other and having a great time.
One very tired, sluggish, not-happy mom.

It was then the mommy realized,
“Hey! Three out of four ain’t bad!”

The Holy Ghost seemed to laugh with her as she enjoyed that most astute observation at 6:45 that morning. The tired mommy became a blessed mommy when she looked on the bright side, and everyone had a happy day.

The end.

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Testing, testing…

Anita?  Are you there?  Did this work?  How do you see the “who’s posting this” part? 

WordPress is complicated.

Whiny commentary ceasing.  Intellectually stimulating, beautifully & artfully crafted, witty (and if we’re lucky, hunorous) material coming shortly.  Like, 20 years from now when the kids are grown.

How nice to have a place I can use the word “humorous” instead of “funny.”  Ah, I sigh with relief.  Not intellectually stimulating, I know, but it’s a start.  😉

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